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Say Ciao to one of our counselors: Alix Markoff

chi siamoIn many occasions families reinforce the fact that studying in the United States is the best path for their children because they can greatly benefit from the education, the athletic possibilities, and the freedom to decide ones profession after choosing a university.

As a college counselor, I have always followed the philosophy that the advising process should enable students to make positive academic choices, within the context of forward thinking and planning for their future. In order to do this effectively, I believe it is essential for students to carefully consider their interests, possible career choices as well as what is personally fulfilling for them.

I take part in every single step of the college exploration and application process, and create a customized plan for each one of my students. The steps I take to ensure my students are college ready include: hosting the PSAT’s, evaluating their results, planning their SAT and/or ACT exam schedule and attending college visits. I make a great effort in visiting as many college campuses as possible. I have visited over 50 college campuses around the country; this has helped me to relay actual experiences back to my students. Creating the right college list is fundamental. There are over 5,600 universities in the United States, and my goal is to help each student find the perfect one for them. For instance, location and size of a university are extremely important factors that we have to consider in order to place the student in the environment in which he/she will best succeed. Working carefully on the application and on the necessary college essay is the next step. The college essay gives the student the opportunity to personally relay who they are to admissions counselors, making this an extremely important part of the process.

Throughout my career I have worked with international students that have come from over 40 different countries. This has taught me that whether the student is International or a United States citizen, every student is an individual with different needs and wants. For international students, I work with them in regards to their transcript evaluations and translations, as well as preparation for the TOEFL exam.
Student athletes are another group of students that I work extremely close with, I help them with NCAA eligibility as well as communicating with college coaches. Additionally, I administer interest inventories for students that may not know exactly what they would like to pursue, which include interpretations among completion.

Every step requires strong communication between the student and the organization as well as myself; together we complete the grueling process with certainty and success. The time and attention given to each student throughout this process has allowed me to achieve 100% success rate with my student’s applications. The satisfaction I receive every day from my students and their achievements continues to reinforce my passion for my career.


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